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About Moody Zook

Moody Zook is here to help you smell good and live healthy. Seriously.

We create kick-ass products using activated charcoal. 


Activated charcoal (a.k.a. activated carbon) is a natural adsorbent substance that contains microscopic pores that absorb airborne bacteria. It can be used externally to purify air or cleanse skin, but also internally as a detoxifying drink or 'hangover cure'. Activated carbon powder can even be used with a toothbrush to help you whiten your teeth!

Our food-grade activated charcoal comes from the premium coconut shells of Indonesia. It's then carefully heated into activated charcoal in the Guangzhou province of China. It's then carefully inspected and tested to ensure premium quality.

Bla bla bla.

The point is, it's 100% natural, chemical free, and it works wonders...

Activated Charcoal Benefits:

  • Natural air purifier and deodorizer
  • Place in the fridge to prevent mold and odors
  • Makes food last longer and stay fresh
  • Natural Dehumidifier
  • Prevents bacterial buildup
  • Stops airborne impurities
  • Place in shoes to prevent smells and reduce the risk of foot fungus
  • All-Natural, Chemical-Free
  • Treats burns and bug bites
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Used with a toothbrush for natural teeth whitening

So do yourself a favor and 'stop the stink.'

Smell fresher, live healthier, and breathe cleaner air with Moody Zook!